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Probably one of the best sunglasses I’ve owned and have owned a lot. Durable, flexible, and most importantly, comfortable. Have when sunglasses squeeze your head and kill your ears. These fit perfect and don’t do any of that. Highly recommended.

Great Quality

I have owned several pairs of costas, and These glasses feel and look just as good. I am very happy with the lense quality and comfort of the frames, would but again

Size Comparison: Somewhat Small
Good Glasses, Didn't match the XL billing

First off, the durability is excellet. My 1yo son has not destroyed these glasses, try as he might.

The lenses are HUGE, i enjoy the width, i wish they were a little shorter.

I expected the width of the arms to be a little wider, but they still squeeze my big ol head quite a bit. I was disappointed, as a standard sized Oakley Holbrook is more comfortable, if less durable.

Good glasses, Bad fit.

I got my glasses and was very impressed with the quality of the build. Felt very light yet very sturdy. The only downside for me was they rest on my cheeks. My other glasses are m frames and they do not touch my cheeks. A little bummed they didn't work for me but I gave them to my son and they fit him great.

Still haven't received them yet

Still haven't received my new range glasses yet

PJ Toms
Very Satisfied

These are my all purpose sunglasses and they are incredible. Very satisfied with thr quality and durability. These are my second pair.

Best pair of glasses ever

Driving, biking, fishing, lounging by the pool These glass are literally the best pair I've ever had. Blown away

Warranty replacement

Easy process to get a replacement set of glasses. Very impressed.

Size Comparison: ✔️TRUE TO SIZE
XL range glasses

I bought them for a my bf birthday, he loves them. He works outside in the sun alot and said that the glasses helped his eyes way more than other sunglasses.

Love them

Like how they fit will be getting another pair

Shipping Protection
Robert Gero
Customer service so, so

I ordered the Range XL along with the free protection gift. When I received them they didn’t look right on me, I sent them back to exchange for the Range non XL, when I received them in the mail they didn’t come with the protection gift as they would have with the other glasses.

FIELD Polarized Sunglasses
Danny Mclaughlin

Very comfortable on head. Fit like a dream.

Ok but wouldn’t buy again

Glasses are quite big. Glad I did not go with the xl because these are too big as it is. Probably won’t ever wear much. Waste of money for a Chinese made product with hyped up marketing.

Durable and clear lenses

Great optical quality and VERY durable frames. Love these glasses and have gifted several pairs to friends and family. Thanks Toroe!

Shipping Protection
Connor Neuman
Do better.

Was not happy I had to pay for shipping then only got sunglasses money in return. Do better.

I did not receive my package. USPS shipped it back to the sender after going to the wrong address.

Size Comparison: Too Small, Somewhat Small
Width is good. Temple length too short.

Width is perfect. The temple length is too short.

Range polarized sunglasses 🕶 super good

very good they look very strong the polarized C3 is good it is dark but you can see the cell it protects you from the sun you can look at the sunlight without problem I recommend them 100% they are comfortable they do not bother you on the nose or on the sides of the face the sunglass The neck cord is quite good and strong, as is the protective hard case. I also recommend it. It is worth making the purchase. I plan to buy another pair of range in glass or blue.

Size Comparison: Too Large
Great Quality

The Range-XL are very well made, but they certainly are big, actually big enough that people have mistaken me for being a blind person when out in public.

Chris Matto

Love the glasses they are amazing


I was very surprised on how quick I received my order. The quality of the construction of the sunglasses appear to be quality work as well as for comfort and fit still a little early to tell but so far feels good.


Comfortable, look great and the view out of the glasses is nice.

I bought them mainly because of the polarized aspect. Brought them camping last week and they made zero difference... pretty disappointing...

Great fit

I guess a small price for something we shouldn’t need. Meaning that it’s unfortunate we need to have it due to the physical shipping/ delivery is out of your hands once shipped to the customer

RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses
Rick Rick Rodriguez
Size Comparison: Too Large
range xl

wonderful glasses just a little too big