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Size is perfect

The size of the glasses is on point. They fit well are comfortable and I enjoy them. They are my second pair. Only problem I have with them is my lenses are not polarized at all but the glasses are still great.


I love my valley polarized sun glasses with the c4 lens. I want my lenses to be dark and the c4 lens is that indeed. Construction and quality is excellent. I haven’t tried test breaking them intentionally or anything like that. But from what I can tell they are very durable and super easy to clean. Not a single scratch on the c4 lens with daily use. I can’t speak for the mirror lenses though. I truly enjoy these glasses and they are my go to out of all the others.

Almost perfect

These sunglasses are nice. Fit is great, especially for me. I fall into the “low-bridge fit” or “Asian fit” category so it’s very difficult for me to find sunglasses that are comfortable. These definitely are…BUT…there is no temple grips (on the arms). This makes them slightly slippery on your head and they can sometimes fall off.

Matthew Landon


Daniel Povkovich

What free gift? I received glasses and a soft cloth pouch with it. That was all I received.

Toroe Logo T-Shirt
Isaak Weller
Toroe Tee shirt

Was satisfied with the T-shirt as it was properly fitted. A medium is normally to Short at the waist and sleeves too big but this fit well. Shipping took forever.

Ryan Ware
Return process

I ordered the range xl, which are really large sunglasses. I decided to return for the regular range sunglasses. Return process was as smooth as butter. Really satisfied with the sunglasses

Exclusive edition sunglasses

Have only had the glasses for 2 days. Took 13 days to ship. Said 3-7 day shipping. Love the color. Kind of expensive when you think about it. You're basically paying $85 for two pairs of glasses.

Had glasses for less than two weeks. Fell of head and broke upon hitting the ground. Extremely disappointed in the quality of the replacement pack.

25% off "RANGE"
John Beil
Fantastic glasses and customer service

They we very good to deal with in getting a pair of lost glasses replaced free except shipping cost and I bought a couple more pairs at 25 % if I ordered them when they were replacing my lost ones and the lady that helped me on phone did a fantastic job taking care of me getting everything taken care of I could not have done it without her.

Great look, great fit

These sun glasses are great. They look and feel good. I’ve used them for driving, snowboarding and just everyday use

VALLEY Polarized Sunglasses
Christopher Carew

They arrived felt good but after 2 weeks the mirrored finished on the lenses is coming off

Size Comparison: Somewhat Large

RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses

If only safety glasses kept your eyes as safe as these!

If anyone can flog out a pair of glasses in record time it would be a concreter and steel fixer. (Or anything at all in fact). So I thought I’d put some faith in these glasses to give them a go and I was not disappointed at all! They heavily outlasted any glasses I’ve ever had. A pair of Australian Standard “safety glasses” wouldn’t even last a week before they were so scratched that it was like trying to get a peek at my wife behind a frosted shower screen. I’ve had these Range sunnies for over 2 years now and although the lenses do have a few scratches, they’re still wearable. I even slammed them in my 4x4 door and they came out without a sign of damage! And as for eye protection. The only time that I’ve ever ended up in emergency with an eye injury is when I was wearing the Australian Standard “safety glasses. The only downside to the Toroe sunnies that I have is that they’re not approved for industrial use. My only suggestion would be to perhaps release a range of standard approved safety glasses. Workers have been waiting for change, and Toroe has the power to make it happen! Excellent products! You’ve truly shown what’s possible!


Took almost 3 full weeks to receive my sunglasses yet it seem like they took the money from my account before I even finished giving the information anyway when I tried them on, they did not fit we have reached out to see what the process is to return them to try to get a refund and no response I would say don’t bother wasting your money go to a store and try them on to see if you like them these aren’t the most expensive sunglasses, but they are certainly not. Cheap sucks to lose out on the money I spent because I will not wear them.

Nate Chadwick
Toroe Valley glasses

Love the new valley shades I purchased.

Thank you so happy

At first I didn't know if I was going to like the oversized glasses.... I absolutely love them and the field glasses too


I honestly feel it's quite easy to get a warranty claim done. It's about 2-3 steps and they send you and email confirmation with your claim number to get your new pair. The one thing that truly upsets me about this whole warranty claim is one particular part that find it to be dishonest with its customers. The fact that they don't tell you or mention to you anywhere on thier website, that you will be charged a $10 charge every time you submit a claim, just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. No transparency in that sence. Yes, it's just $10 but, if one of the main selling points is lifetime warranty, why don't they also tell you upfront you will be getting a claim fee every time you submit one. I do believe that is a dishonesty issue on that particular point there, that's needs to addressed and they need to be upfront about it with their customers. Other than that issue, I am very pleased with the 3 pairs of glasses I own by Toroe.

Excellent service

Quick response, simple claim process

Valley sunglasses

I love them feels comfortable and looks amazing

Great quality

Great quality and fast delivery

RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses

My Favorite

I have purchased 5 pairs of sunglasses from Toroe. Love the Range and Valley. Awesome polarized sunglasses. Great price but even better warranty. Love the company too. Easy to work with. Fast shipping.

need to be bigger.

great sunglasses, but a little small, please make a bigger version like your others.