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Range XL polarized

I love how these glasses fit on my big head!
Amazing polarized view! I’ll be buying more of these in different lenses! Thank you Toroe!!!

I’d like to speak with someone about exchanging my glasses for z87


Very pleased on the warranty and toroe standing behind it. Paid a small shipping fee with no questions asked. Will always be a toroe shades 😎 prescriber, thank u again.

FIELD Polarized Sunglasses

Worse than those movie theater glasses

These may be the worst pair of cheaply made, foreign sunglasses I’ve ever owned. I’d rather cut cardboard and use it as eyewear. You’re better off getting those thin films they give you when you get your eye’s dilated. In addition to the quality, they won’t let you return them without a handling fee….

FIELD Polarized Sunglasses

Great shades!

After buy and breaking several pairs of $100.00 Nike glasses, I decided to give Toro a try.. I have had a pair well over a year now and they are still by far the best sunglasses I have ever owned. My wife was even trying to steal them from me when we were at the pool or the lake because they are so much better then her glasses. I finally got her a pair as well so she will leave mine alone.. lol

Love it!

The frame is a little big for my face but I love the look and the protection it gives my eyes. Highly recommend it!

Shipping Protection
Mario Trevino

They r good glasses good fitment

Best sunglasses and customer service on the market

Damaged Toroe glasses

I followed the steps outlined in the website’s warranty instructions. I received a follow-up email as promised. After I completed my claim - I received notice that my claim had been denied. So I called Toroe and the representative stated I had ordered the incorrect pair of glasses (wrong lenses). The representative was great - she helped me get the claim updated and expedited my order once I had paid for shipping and handling.

I don’t understand why I need to select the type of glasses I am replacing. You provide the order number and the model number on the frame. I couldn’t remember which lenses I had purchased which was used a way to decline my request.

If Toroe removed that one step from the process then it removes the likelihood of customer error. It would also create five star review. Great customer service (Five Stars)

Warranty Replacement Pack [UD07282023]

The best by far!

Always wanted XL glasses and until I found the right ones! I get compliments all the time! Awesome product!

Shipping Protection
Jeffrey Michael
Best Sunglasses Ever!!!!

This is my third pair of TOROE PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR sunglasses. I still have all three pairs of glasses that I use daily. These glasses hold up under the hardest conditions, they still look and perform great. I have never had sunglasses that I was buying because I wanted a new look, it was always to replace the old pair I broke or lost. This is a great product from one the best customer service companies. I have had many friends and clients buy a pair sunglasses from TOROE PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR because they see how well they hold up with my hard lifestyle.

Shipping Protection
jacob padilla

Great Cousy we service

TOROE Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Jeffrey R Michael
Super comfortable Hoodie

I love my TOROE Hoodie. It is super comfortable and has a great fit. Great quality just like all of the other TOROE products I have ordered.

Sunglass Neck Cord
Rebecca Saulnier
Love them

I’m constantly taking my sunglasses on and off. They always get scratched up and it becomes very annoying. I love that these are holding up and I don’t have to worry about scratches anymore. The customer service was great when the first pair I ordered went to the wrong address they sent me a new pair right away. Thank you TOROE

Appreciate it!

I love mine! Then I lost them and you guys replaced them so now I’m good again

Great Glasses

These are great glasses.
I was struck in the eye with a tree limb that would have shattered most glasses.
I wiped the dirt off and they were not even scratched.
I highly recommend these glasses

Excellent glasses

One of the best glasses

The Best

The fastest service and really great eyewear!

FIELD Polarized Sunglasses
Rebecca Saulnier
Great product and service

Love the new sunglasses! They are hold up to all of the dogs I work with and farm chores I do. Originally the delivery went to the wrong address. This was quickly rectified and I got my new glasses in a timely manner.

Even though they say they don't get scratches they actually do get scratches when they fall or try cleaning sometimes but other than that there good glasses

Their promise was kept!!!

They stood behind their promise on Guaranteed Satisfaction. Thank you!!!