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False advertising

Don't be fooled. These glasses are not scratch proof. I dropped them from waist height into grass/gravel and the left lens was covered in scratches and one big slash. You are better off buying a pair from a gas station or Walmart. As an $80 pair of sunglasses and only a couple weeks old this is very disappointing. Going through the process of claiming warranty but feel as it's a waste as they are still very new. NEVER buying, or referring this brand to anyone.

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Solid shades.

These fit my big ass head and are dark as hell. 10/10 would recommend.

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RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses

Just got my TOROE RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses and I have to say they look great and fit even better. No more extra sweat or foggy lenses in the sun. Sold on these and this product is amazing.

Big head, great glasses

Pleasently surprised by my fb impulse purchase. They fit and look great.

I have a size 8 hat head

Saw the ad for these XL sun glasses on instagram and decided, what the hell. The price was much less than the $300 pairs I usually get, and there were a lot of cool options with the lens colors. Well...they fit great. I have a huge dome. I wear a size 8 hat. Sometimes a size 8 won't fit me at all, so I'm probably more like an 8.5. I'm a big dude, 6'5" 280, so all in all, most sun glasses just look funny on me. These fit really well and cover my entire line of sight. A lot of other glasses I have, like my Ray Bans, don't really cover my face well, and lots of sun gets in to my eyes.

So far, so good...these were a good value, look cool with the mat black color, and fit very well.

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses
Salvador Martinez
Tough glasses

I was wearing these and got hit in the face with a baseball. The lense popped out but otherwise not a scratch on them. They probably saved my eye tbh

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I am picky about glasses and have a big head, so I was skeptical that they could dethrone the Smith Lowdown XL being almost half the price, but they have, kind of. They are a better shape (more angular), fit, and the optics are very similar. The only thing they lack is rubber padding on the nose bridge, so I’m not sure how they’ll do mountain biking, but so far they feel more secure. If you like the Lowdown XL, these are a great looking substitute.

Sunglass Neck Cord
Bruce Devente

Cord works great

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Too much light

Quality is high but the Range XL allows for too much light to enter from around the sides and bottoms. I recommend a wrap around style if this is a concern for others. My Range XL was a C4 also which i would highly recommend the C4 lens for all styles.

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Great glasses

Great fit. Very convertible

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I love them best pair yet!!!!!!!

Size Comparison: ✔️TRUE TO SIZE

RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses

Size Comparison: Too Large

RANGE-XL Polarized Sunglasses

Size Comparison: ✔️TRUE TO SIZE

They fit awesome! I am really happy with my glasses. I normally have a hard time finding glasses to fit my face properly (I have a very round face) but these work great

Fit Great

Great Quality. I weigh about 230 and these fit great! I’m ordering an Extra pair 😎

Sunglass Neck Cord
John Williams


Lovin the value and quality!

The lens are crystal clear with no distortion!! Got the silver lens c3. Perfect tint, finally a pair of glasses that perform as well as I expect.

I love my range polarized sunglasses! They are amazing!

I like how the bad reviews say they’re way too big. It literally says XL. Order regular ones

Sunglass Neck Cord
Travis Dalton
Customer service!!!

TOROE customer service is amazing! They helped me get my sunglasses before I went on vacation!! One of many reasons why I buy these sunglasses. If I have any problems I know it will be takin care of.

Shipping Protection
Rolando Bravo

Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection
Justin Hayworth

Shipping Protection

Sunglass Neck Cord
Gavin Whisenhunt

Great glasses and neck cord

Great items

Great items for the price and will help keep my range sunnies in perfect condition

Awesome Sunglasses!

I work in the construction industry and wear these at some point almost everyday. Have had my pair for well over 6 months and they have seen multiple drops to the ground surfaces with minimal and most times not any negative effects. They definitely handle the daily wear and tear better than any sunglasses I've ever owned. Great sunglasses and would definitely buy again. 👌🏼