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RANGE Polarized Sunglasses
Mohamadou Mbengue

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses

Shipping Protection
Beau Barron
False advertisement.

Ad showed the glasses being basically scratch proof and indestructible. That's not the case. And if they get scratched and you send them back for a refund, they won't refund the full amount

The fit

They are super comfy. Fit like a glove yo the face. Lenses don't have that glare you, usually get because of that fit. Excellent product. Thank you!

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses
Johnny Menefield
Great product

Loved the quality of this product

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses

Amazing Service, Good Glasses

Let me start with this; these are not high end sun glasses and they aren't intended to be so try not to compare oranges to bananas.
I ordered the Range with red lenses and the color and polarized lenses are comparable to brand names at higher prices. The lense, from inside out, is a tan/bronze flavor...can't describe it exactly but it shows as red/tan/bronze in the middle while the outside portion picks up some blues...pretty cool but nothing fancy. Looking in lower light/shaded areas seems comparable to high end brands and the lenses do a good job of protecting you from the sun.
The ear pieces, when folded, sit on the frame and not on the lense, good f I r avoiding scratches. I have a big face and am a rather thick guy so these glasses fit me well.
Now, this is where I'm really impressed...when I made the purchase I got a notification and receipt immediately. When my sunglasses left California I got a notification. When they went out for delivery I got a notification. Once they were delivered I was notified. From start to finish I knew where my shipment was. IMPRESSIVE! I can't speak to long term durability but I don't plan to run them over with a truck either.
Fir the price, who cares if they're made in China, try a pair fir yourself.

Fits & looks good

Cool glasses, they are very light and confortable.

Favorite sunglasses

Toroe are my favorite sunglasses by far

Love my glasses


Beautiful pair

Got the Range C3 and they fit my face perfectly, beautiful pair of glasses. Highly recommend

Best sunglasses I've ever bought. Highly recommend this product

Gift for parnter

He said they are great. Good quality. Although he dropped them at his construction job and they have a scratch

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses

Really confortable!

Awesome pair of glasses! love the quality and the way they fit, excellent for my every day use.

Jus what I needed in a pair of shades!

These sun glasses are quality. Made in America what else can I say! Fast delivery, the fit is superb and I forget they are on my face.

Great fit! Most comfortable pair of sunglasses I've owned

On top of it

Outstanding customer service. Within an hour of me placing an order I received an email confirmation that the sunglasses were already shipped. Toroe does not mess around. They get it done!


New favorite sunglasses

Cool glasses and nice frames overall but still need improviements

Wish the glasses had a coating of some sort to prevent bouncing or aid in sweat redirection. Still looking for that perfect sunglass, scratch proof, lightweight, sweat redirection, reasonably priced.

Shipping Protection
Joshua Donahoe
Finally came in.

My glasses finally came in. I had tried to contact company to see what was going on with no response which is why I previously gave a 1 star review. So far I'm liking them. There is already a scratch on them though which idk how it got here, so the lenses might not be as durable as described. Warranty order might be in the future if they keep being scratched so easily. Look and feel great though.


Best purchase I’ve ever made!

Premium Quality

I have no worries of breaking it.
It’s tough and cool

Field Warranty

The warranty replacement for my FIELD polarized was incredible! Easy process and great customer service.
I own 2 pairs of the RANGE and 1 pair of the FIELD. Best glasses I've ever owned

Mil Spec

These glasses work amazing. Perfect dark tint to avoid the see thru hollywood frames and no blue tint so i can wear them in uniform. Perfect! Price point is top knotch