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Already scratched on both lenses. My old Raybans and Oakleys lasted longer without scratching.

The lenses both have scratches on them. My old Raybans and Oakleys lasted longer without scratching.

Best product and support!

XL review

I have ordered my first pair of Toroe’s at the recommendation of a friend. Ordering was easy and they were quick about updating shipping information. I have a large head, so I ordered the XL frame. I do like the appearance of the glasses however I would like a few more options for the XL’s. I was hoping to get red or blue frames but XL is only available in black.
My review could get better once I receive my glasses.

I never received my package.. they said it was delivered on the 7th but i ordered it on the 6th 1x say from California to alabama????

Amazing glasses!

The polarized fire red glasses are great!

Great Glasses!

Haven't had them very long, but I can say the fit and apparent quality of these glaasses are very good. The shade of darkness is just what I was looking for. I will be buying another pair, different style.


Love the new frames. Had the range hi vis. Dig the Z87 a lot more. Great safety glasses.

Love these glasses they are awesome

Sweet shades! Xl is the way to go!

Love these shade! Just need to pick up a pair of Range XL in purple🔥🔥🔥

Size Comparison: ✔️TRUE TO SIZE
Overall Great SunGlasses

Great style
Great comfort
Great tint darkness
Great material

Awesome sunglasses

Best sunglasses out there. Use for work and everyday life and they hold up great. Have purchased multiple pairs now

Size Comparison: ✔️TRUE TO SIZE
Warranty is amazing

I have been buying Toroe for about 4 years. I just did my second warranty claim and it is the easiest and fastest transaction ever. Fill out the form and send a pic. Next day they respond with the replacement and my new pair is on the way. The range xl is “ONLY” pair of glasses I can find that properly fit my big head. I love them and will be a customer forever.

Best sunglasses for the price

Like the C4 dark lens. Have light sensitivity and these glasses best ones found for best price. Ordered me second pair to keep in truck in case forget my other ones.

The best!

After buying several pair of expensive name branded glasses and breaking them I am thrilled to have a pair that are not only more affordable but stylish, comfortable, and practical!


Everywhere I wear these sunglasses I get lots of likes and attention. They feel comfortable and the lens are tinted the perfect amount. Can't wait to receive my 3rd pair.

Hands down best customer support

These are great glasses and a great company to purchase from

Awesome Shades 😎

Best Shades on the market 🙌

RANGE Polarized Sunglasses
Christopher Gaspari
Great pair of sunglasses

I am an avid Smith sunglasses user, thought I would try something new and I couldn’t be more impressed. Quality is top tier and the lenses are equally as clear and optically as good as Smith.
I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a quality pair of sunglasses.

FIELD Polarized Sunglasses
Caleb Carmichael
Field polarized

This is my second pair loved my first ones so much it was a easy choice for getting a second pair

These glasses are seriously awesome!!! That green mirrored finish is pure 🔥🔥🔥!!!

Pure fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥

I am in love with these glasses!!! Besides being practically indestructible, that green mirror finish is just amazing!!!

Best ever!

I recently had cataract surgery and have tried 3 different pairs of sunglasses as the sun has hurt my eyes terribly. None of them has helped until I came across the Toroe Range wrap around, polarized, C4 dark tinted glasses. They are beyond superior and have allowed me to enjoy sunny days once again.