Toroe performance eyewear was found in 2018 from Los Angeles California. Our mission is simple- that is “to create an excellent sunglass backed by excellent warranty”. Before our official Launch, It took us 8 months to design, test, and refine our sunglasses down to perfection. Towards our product, perfection meant building eyewear that holds functionality, performance and design all in one.

We wanted a name that would represent “Strength”- ‘Toro’ in Spanish means ‘bull’ and to us a bull symbolizes ‘fearless’, ‘strong’ and ‘confident’

We sampled over 12 different logos for Toroe and finally concluded with our existing one. We liked the character and balance of the box letters most. The end tips of “T” and “E” also resemble the horns of a ‘bull’

Our primary brand colors are Black and White plus Red and Yellow. Black and White together express maturity. We wanted a logo that delivered this emotion of establishment and maturity. Red with yellow are colors inspired by a sunrise after admiring a silhouette image of a Bull standing strong before a sunrise.