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Military, Law Enforcement, & First responders

Individuals belonging to the following groups are eligible for [25% OFF] pricing on purchases made at and only on

U.S. Military [25% OFF]

-Active Duty Military Personnel
-Military Reservists
-Federal Fire and Emergency Response
-National Guard Personnel
-Military Veterans
-U.S. Coast Guard
-Federal Law Enforcement Officers

U.S and local Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Responders [25% OFF]

-Law Enforcement Official
-Fire Department Personnel Official
-Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Retired members of any of the groups mentioned above also qualify [25% OFF]

- For qualification we must be able to verify proof of validity. We reserve the right to not grant discounted pricing if we are unable to validate proof of title. For questions contact

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Every verified and valid purchase comes with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty. This warranty qualifies Manufacture defects, General damages, Lost, Broken or stolen occurrences.

All replacement items must be the same as the original purchased order, or equivalent to the original purchased price if the original purchased item is out of stock. Replacements are valid towards the lifetime of your sunglasses but limited to two replacements only for General damages, Lost, Broken and stolen claims. By default, the first two claims are processed as 1 of 4 occurences: General Damages, Lost, Broken, or Stolen. Once two claims have been processed, following claims are only granted through Manufacturer Defects. Orders with existing claims are non-retunable/exchangeable, even if within the 30 day return window. Every Warranty claim must have a unique order number per product being claimed. Multiple claims within a single Order are not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse Warranty to anyone for any reason.

ATTN buyers: All Warranty claims made towards purchases, by default will be on freeze for 30 days from the original purchase date. Warranty claims may be submitted and paid for, but will not release until day 30. To unfreeze this timeframe, the buyer may submit photos and mail the “damaged” sunglasses to Toroe Eyewear. Allow 3-10 business days for processing, and once approved, the Warranty claim will be released for shipping.

Lifetime Warranty

We got you covered for the lifetime of your sunglasses.

Manufacture Defects:

Any organic flaws with the product is considered a Manufacture defect. Organic flaws must be unintentional and considered a natural occurence!

Lost, Broken, or Stolen:

Lucked out? Got your sunglasses taken or broken?- Dont sweat it! with us You’re entitled two replacement sunglasses of the same kind. This warranty is valid for the lifetime of the sunglasses but limited up to 2 replacements.

Domestic: Replaced up to Two times for the original purchased sunglasses at no cost towards the product. Standard shipping fees still apply and is covered by the recipient. Mailing address must be the same as given in original purchase order details

International: replaced up to Two times towards the original purchased sunglasses. Shipping and handling fee of $18.95 will apply for each replacement pair mailed outside of the U.S

Limits for Gifts and Warranty*

Any product that is received outside of a ”paid for” or a promotional transaction that was discounted equally or greater than 50% off will not be granted our Lifetime Warranty. Our Lifetime Warranty only applies towards product that is paid for fully. Examples of product that doesn’t qualify for our Lifetime Warranty includes- Sponsored Gifts, Discounted product that exceed 50% off, Giveaway prizes, & General Gifts. Gifts are limited to 1 item per household. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason


‭(818) 855-9495

est. process time: Instant M-F 8am-5pm

est. process time: up to 12-24 Hours (M-F)

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Returns & Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges are super simple with us. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you hold the option to return it to us for an exchange or full refund (towards product cost) within 30 days from the date you received it. Items processed as returns must be in New, Unmarked and unused condition with complete original packaging. Domestic Returned shipping cost is covered by Toroe and International returned shipping costs are responsibility of the customer. For Returns; Original shipping costs are non-refundable if the delivery service has already occurred. There are no Returns on orders that have already used up a claim. As soon as a claim is submitted this forfeits your ability to process a return even if within 30 days of the return window. For Domestic orders- If the returned/exchanged items are received as damaged and/or in used condition- the Returned shipping cost that was paid for by Toroe will be deducted from the refunded amount to the customer. If returned product is received in an "unacceptable" conditon, we reserve the right to reject the returned order and the package will be mailed back to the customer. Refunds will appear on your Bank statement once the returned goods have been received and processed at our facility- Allow 12-24 hours for processing and inspection. Gift cards are Non-refundable and have no expiration date. If a refund is made on an order and the order included a Gift card- the Gift Card value is non-reversable

International Returns:

100% money back guaranteed on product cost for all New, unmarked and Unused returns that are submitted within 30 days after receiving your goods. Original shipping costs are non-refundable if the delivery service has already occurred. For International Returns, shipping costs are paid for by the customer.

Promotional Item Returns

If there was a coupon or promotion applied to your order - the discounted item automatically gets assumed as the first return. Refund amounts may or may not include promotional savings that were applied towards the order.



Please contact customer service before returning an item

‭(818) 855-9495


Place your product securely in its original packaging and attach the return label on the outside covering any previous address labels. Once we receive your Return, Allow 3-5 business days for the credit to reflect on your statement, for International Returns allow 10-30 business days for the credit to reflect on your statement.

Shipping >

All products are shipped from our Facility in Los Angeles, California

Domestic (USA Shipments)

• Standard Shipping (5-7 Business days) $7.00
• 2 Business Days *FedEx $12.00
• Orders over $100+ FREE

International Shipments (Outside USA)

The following shipping methods DO COVER International Duties and other Customs related fees. If a Free promotional item is included, Customer holds responsibility for added weight/value costs; if any. ATTN: Due to COVID-19 related Disruptions, First-Class international shipments may take longer than expected to be delivered.

• 1-3 Business Days (CA) *DHL Express: CALCULATED AT CHECKOUT
• 1-5 Business Days (AU) *DHL Express: CALCULATED AT CHECKOUT

The following shipping methods do NOT cover International Duties and other Customs related fees. If a Free promotional item is included, Customer holds responsibility for added weight/value costs; if any.

• First-Class Mail International (estimated 10-30 Business Days): $16.95-$18.95
• $100+Free Shipping First-Class Intl. (Estimated 10-30 Business Days): FREE
• INTL. Shipping Replacement fee: $18.95


Route Shipping Insurance:

Toroe Performance Eyewear holds itself non-responsible for all Lost, Stolen, (and/or) Damaged packages during transit. To fully secure your delivery, simply add Route Shipping Insurance to your order during your checkout process. If you encounter a problem with your delivery and Route Shipping Insurance was added to your order, you will submit a claim at and a new order will be processed by Route at no charge to you.

If Route Shipping Insurance was not added to your order, you will need to submit a Lost, Broken, Stolen, claim with

Orders that are processed through Route shipping insurance as claims, are not considered to be a second purchase for the customer. Claims processed through Route shipping insurance are entirely separate from Toroe’s Warranty program and do not affect the customers Warranty in any way. Toroe’s Warranty is usable only towards original purchase orders and not towards orders processed through Route Shipping insurance.

ATTN: Some international locations may be considered to be “remote areas” and are unfulfillable via DHL Express shipping. If your location gets considered as a remote area and you paid DHL Express, we reserve the right to Cancel shipment method chosen and fulfill via another shipping method. Customer will always be notified prior to any adjustments on the order and the cost difference will be reimbursed.

For all shipping services, the delivery time frame begins counting as soon as it gets its first official scan by the courier service provider. When a scan is made on the shipping label, this means that the package is now in official possession of the courier service provider. Also, All shipping services are based on Business operating days Monday-Friday. If your order gets placed over a weekend; Monday would be the first Business operating day. Orders are typically fulfilled witin 24-48 hours- not counting Saturday and Sunday.


TOROE Performance Eyewear holds itself non-responsible for the additional custom duties and taxes for all packages that contain a free (promotion) item

None of the services are guaranteed on a specific number of days other that our 2 Day shipping option. For 2 Day shipping: Allow Two business days for delivery, after the package receives its first scan by courier. For handling, allow a maximum of 24-48 hours before the order ships. Typically all orders are processed, handled and prepared in less than 24-48 hours, and ships out accordingly. All shipping costs are responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable if the shipping service was used. For all shipping services, the delivery time frame begins counting as soon as it receives its first official scan by the courier service provider. When a scan is made, this means that the package is now in official possession of the courier service provider.

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