About Polarized Sunglass Lens

Polarized sunglasses feature a specialized lens that is designed to reduce glare and enhance the colors of any view. In today’s world the term “Polarized sunglasses” is overused and often time mis used too. It is important to know how you can identify true polarized lens and what the real benefits are of using Polarized lens. The most commonly known benefits of Polarized lens are glare reduction and visual enhancement; but Polarized lens also help increase visual comfort, Enhances Clarity, protects from sleep deprivation, and Reduces eyestrain. The simplest method of testing your sunglasses to see if they are Polarized UV400 Protected is- to Hold your sunglasses in front of a Digital screen such as (a Monitor, smart phone screen, or Television). Face the sunglasses towards the screen at a horizontal position> you will first notice that the sunglasses tint is extremally dark and harly visible (this is normal). Next you will rotate the frame of your sunglasses at a 90-degree angle at a vertical position. If they are Polarized you will notice that when you turn them vertically, the tint of your lens will lighten up. This transition from Dark to light when twisting the lens at a 90-degree angle, proves that your lens are Polarized protected. Typically the difference in cost from Polarized to non Polarized sunglasses is significant. Sunglasses that are not Polarized can typically run for about $25 and Sunglasses that are Polarized will typically cost around $70 + With Toroe Performance Eyewear we guarantee our sunglasses with Grade A Polarized lens giving our users the truest color enhanced views with maximum glare reduction. Learn more at https://www.toroeeyewear.com/products/range


Human eyeball and how it is affected by types of sunglass lens

Polarized Sunglasses being held horizontal

Polarized sunglasses with a Brownish tint being held vertically