Kruger Edition Range Polarized

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Brought to you by Murray Kruger (@Krugerconstruction) x TOROE Performance Eyewear. Limited Supply available*

"Murray and Toroe really hit it out the park with this one. Love the details"


"These shades make me look cooler than I actually am!"


"Light weight, stylish, durable at a great price. How can you go wrong?"


"I put them on and instantly grew an awesome beard like Murray, jk but the green looks freaking great!"


“By far the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned. Look good, affordable, and are strong as well.”


"Kruger absolutely nailed this design! Such a sweet collab. Easily the best looking glasses in my collection and the fact they are Toroe tuff is a massive bonus"


"Look great perfect lenses for every day and awesome color!"


"I RAN THEM OVER WITH A TRUCK! And they weren't even scratched! Crazy durable!"


"If you are looking for a pair of shades that look killer and perform even better, you can stop looking now. Kruger collab is the one"


"These Kruger edition glasses are sweet!! The green tinge is perfect. Not too dark but dark enough to protect your eyes. Awesome collab!!!"